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Ghillie Shirt:
Traditional Attire for Highland Events

Embrace Scottish Heritage with a Classic Ghillie Shirt

The ghillie shirt holds a special place in Scottish Highland attire. With its distinctive design, it is instantly recognisable and adds an air of tradition to any Highland event or gathering.

It features laced front closures, allowing for adjustable comfort and fit. The crisscrossed laces create an eye-catching detail, while the billowing sleeves add an element of drama and elegance. Made from lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton or linen, this lovely shirt keeps you cool and comfortable during warm Highland days or energetic dances.

For formal events, pair it with a kilt, a Prince Charlie jacket, and accessories like a sporran and brogues. For a more casual look, combine it with tartan trousers or a kilt and accessorise with a semi-dress sporran and ghillie brogues.

Investing in a ghillie shirt will allows you to participate in Highland events and celebrations with authenticity and style.