4 Day Hire from £105.00

This Modern Tweed outfit is becoming more popular for weddings and corporate events. For Weddings you can opt for a Victorian collar shirt and rouche tie or a Standard collar shirt with a straight or tartan tie.

If you’re looking for a complete kilt outfit hire or just a kilt for hire, please check our list of available tartans and complete the form below with your details.

Extras available from £15

No payment will be taken but a member of our sales team shall contact you to confirm availability.

Upgrade Your Kilt Hire Outfit

Change Your Sporran

# Free swap to a choice of brown black, grey, or silver skin sporrans.

Buy a Shirt

# + £20 for men’s Victorian wing collar dress shirt black or white

# From £20 for men’s black standard collar dress shirt

# + £25 for men’s standard collar white shirts

# + £25 for men’s self coloured shirts to be ordered (not stocked)

# + £25 for extra tall white standard collar dress shirt

Hire a Plaid & Brooch

# + £25


# Stylish and Versatile:
The Braemar Tweed Outfit includes a kilt, jacket, shirt, tie, sporran, and shoes, offering a stylish and versatile look for a wide variety of occasions

# Comfortable and Affordable:
With kilt hire, you can enjoy the comfort of a high-quality tweed kilt without the worries of cleaning or storing, or the wasted time of searching for individual items and coordinating them. It’s also a more affordable option compared to purchasing a kilt outright.

# Perfect Fit Every Time:
Our Professional kilt hire service ensure that you get the right fit for your body type and measurements. We have a range of sizes and options available, allowing you to find the perfect fit without any guesswork or alterations. This convenience guarantees that you’ll look your best on your special day.

# Embrace Scottish Culture:
Wearing a traditional kilt is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in Scottish culture and showcase your appreciation for tradition and heritage.

Make a statement with the Braemar Tweed Outfit, combining style, affordability, and a touch of Scottish culture. Experience the convenience of kilt hire today!


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