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Made to Measure Trews:
Own a pair, or more, in your favourite tartans.

Tartan Trews:
Are they the same as tartan trouser?

The difference between tartan trews and tartan trousers lies primarily in their construction and traditional usage.

Tartan trews are traditionally made from wool and have a high waist. They also have a fishtail back, which means that the back of the trousers is wider than the front. This style of trousers was originally worn by Scottish Highlanders as a way to keep warm in the winter but in modern day they are often seen as a formal alternative to the kilt and are commonly worn at formal events, weddings, or ceremonial occasions.

Tartan trousers are typically made from a lighter weight fabric, such as cotton or polyester. They have a lower waist and a straighter cut than tartan trews. This style of trousers is more versatile and can be worn for a variety of occasions, from casual to formal.