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THE Quaich:
The Scottish Cup of Friendship

A Cherished Scottish Gift.

The Quaich is a traditional Scottish cup that carries deep cultural and historical significance. This finely crafted vessel, often made of pewter, holds a special place in Scotland's heritage as a symbol of friendship and hospitality. Its design features two handles, symbolising the bonds between individuals, and it is utilised for sharing and toasting moments of celebration and camaraderie.

With its wide and shallow shape, the Scottish friendship cup encourages the sharing of its contents, whether it be whisky or other beverages, fostering a sense of unity and connection among those partaking. Passed down through generations as a family heirloom, it has become an emblem of Scottish traditions.

The cup plays a significant role in weddings, where it is employed during the customary "Quaich Ceremony" to raise a toast to the couple's union and convey wishes for a lifetime of happiness. Other special occasions it can be used as a gift are to commemorate milestones or as a token of friendship.

Scotland's cup of friendship embodies the warmth, generosity, and sense of community that are integral to our culture. It serves as both a beautiful and practical gift that is certain to be appreciated by anyone who receives it.